The Chocolate Gift Company is built on one simple foundation. 'The Joy of Giving.'

The perfect gift, the perfect card, the perfect wrapping paper. All lovingly brought together to create a wonderful gesture to show someone they are hugely appreciated. What is more pleasurable than that.


We love the idea of creating gift hampers bursting with treats. Not just one gift, but a wonderful experience for its recipient that can be savored and enjoyed for weeks to come, a chocolate bar here... some truffles there.... a great value gift.

We are very aware that sugar can get a bad wrap, but we strongly agree that a little of what you fancy does you good. Our chocolate is a treat to be enjoyed slowly.

As our business has grown we have built up great relationships with British owned suppliers who have allowed us to offer our customers a range of highest quality Belgium and Swiss chocolate products, with better quality and higher Cocoa content than our competitors.


From a design background the appearance of our gifts are equally as important as the taste. All of our packaging is designed and produced in house. This gives us fantastic flexibility, and allows our gifts to be priced better than anything else you will find. Not to mentioned less air miles for our planet.

We try and be as ECO conscious as possible, 95% of our packaging is either Reusable, Recyclable or home compostable.

What better gift will you find, produced with such care and attention, delicious taste and style. All at the click of a button...

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The Chocolate Gift Company

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