The History of a Gift

Whether it is an expression of love, appreciation of a favour, or just to show our thanks for having someone as a friend, the giving of gifts is practically in-built into our DNA and is an exchange which is as old as time.

Dating back as far as primitive cavemen, the exchange of gifts was regarded as a status symbol, leaders of tribes would show their appreciation for the involvement of those who were part of an important accomplishment within the community. Gifts would have been a natural object, perhaps a tooth or bone from a majestic animal carved in to a piece of jewellery or a rarely found food.

During the Egyptian era, gifts would be ceremoniously stored in Pyramids and Thombs alongside the diseased Pharos and other people of importance, these elaborate items acted as gifts which would be given to ensure their status in the afterlife.

In the Roman Times, gifts were beginning to be given as good luck charms, Romans were strong believers of giving items to act as talismans during battles or times of danger and hardship. Windchimes were particularly popular and when hung from a doorway were supposed to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to its household.

In the medieval and early modern period, gifts were beginning to be given around Christmas and New Year. New Year, before 1582 and the introduction of the Gregorian calendar was celebrated on the 25th March, not 1st January. What people gave continued to be dependent on their social position.

Everything in Medieval period revolved around feasts and food, so if the country was in a particularly good state at the time for Christmas, peasants would be gifted more grain or given a portion of crops by their lord. Gifts between peasants would commonly be baked goods or small items made by hand. Queen Elizabeth I frequently received gilded cups gifts from her courtiers. Kings and Queens would exchange gifts as a sign of allegiance, power or for good luck during battle.

In recent centuries, gifts are given and received around the world, from celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, offering luck for different cultural milestones and beliefs. Best wishes during an illness, exams or trying times. Showing love and appreciation however big or small, all these gestures have been developed through history and social expectations. The giving of a gift is a complex part of human contact, helping to define relationships and strengthen bonds. In modern times during hectic work periods and the need for convenience, The Chocolate Gift Company continues to develop the quality of its gifts to make them as personal and special as they can be and arranged so easily at the click of a button.

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